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Thank you for your interest in the programme to restore Silvery Light and for signing our guest book.
If you would like to help with the restoration, and there are many ways that you can, please drop us an email and we will get back to you .

Contact info@silverylight.org

Again, thanks for dropping by!

Website 1. Sep, 2017


Glad to visit here.

9. Aug, 2017

Geraldine Whelan

Great to see the old ship being restored. Let me know what areas you need help with.

Website 5. Aug, 2017

Trans Home Packers and Movers


Website 20. Feb, 2017

Naomi Lang

Nice site, nice guy, nice mopeds. Thank you for the invitation to come share here.

9. Jan, 2017

Jim Corr

Gerry, how is it going? If I can help please let me know. Hope to talk soon.

1. Mar, 2016


Good to see that progress is being made and good luck with the latest bid. Do you have any plans for an open day or community engagement event in the spring where people could see her (outside) and/or hear about your plans?

29. Dec, 2015

Jim Corr

Gerry, can you get in touch with me? Hope all is well and on track!

29. Nov, 2015

Einar Botnen


I am the last Norwegian owner of "Raust".

As my email shows "Raust.lhgs@yahoo.com

Happy too see that this vessel will be fixed.

My name is Einar Botnen.

I used the boat as cargo shipping and leisure on the west coast of Norway. The boat was in very good condition when we rigged it for sailing.

I regret that I sold the boat even today ...

Einar Botnen

Email: raust.lhgs@yahoo.com

12. Sep, 2015

Andy keward

Hi Gerry, glad to see work in progress, there were times out in the Irish see I wasn't sure she would get where she is now, good luck .

Website 15. Aug, 2015


I went whale watching on her in 1995 for National Geographic and the BBC 'Natural World' series to The Azores.

26. Jun, 2015

Bengt Jonassen

I had many great summer onboard with this boat as a freight ship named "Raust" in Norway together with my grandfather who owned this boat in the 70s and early 80s, looking forward to follow this project. Bengt Jonassen, Stavanger, Norway.

18. Jan, 2015

Josh Sinclair

It is fantastic that this fine old ship is being preserved. i shall follow your work with interest. Well done