Help Needed

Restoring an 1884 built traditonal wooden sailing ship requires a varied range of skills.   Can you help?   

Perhaps you are a skilled manager that could help at board level....  Are you a fund raising expert (or someone willing to try)....  could you raise awareness of the project within your community.... social media is important... are you a twitter or facebook guru....    perhaps you are a business that could offer practical or financial help to a community venture.

Support, no matter how 'small' is a 'big' help

Tell your friends, tweet, facebook.

Raise awareness of the Silvery Light Project.

As a well know supermarket says,  'Every little helps'

Thank you



Winter Protection

Winter is fast approaching and with it the requirement to renew Silvery Lights' winter protection. The canvas covering that held the elements at bay last Winter requires replacing and we are about to undertake the construction of a more robust structure.


The Next Round!!

Hi All,


It is a while since we posted news of the project.

  As previously reported we did submit our Heritage Lottery Bid for the restoration funding.    The outcome was disappointing but not without hope.  The Heritage Lottery liked the Heritage aspects of the project to restore Silvery Light but were reluctant to release such a major amount of funding to a newly formed organisation that was without a track record of success.

We are advised to strengthen our managent team, get other bodies such as the local council involved in support and generally demonstrate a high level of community support for the project into the future.

Raising additonal funding was also highlighted by the HLF as was the need to further develop the management of the project.

We are committed and actively involved in meeting these requirements and hope to resubmit our bid in November.

Thank you for your past help and can I ask for your support into the future.

Gerry Brennan


Elena Maria Barbara

Reframing and replanking work that we hope to see soon on Silvery Light

Sails and running rigging

We're going to budget for new, but these will suffice for now.

Silvery Light project Director Gerry Brennan

Silvery Lights spars

Condition to be ascertained, but looking good for the moment.

News from 2015

5. Feb, 2016

Wrapped Up for The Winter

November Press Report - Newry Reporter

Stripped down to the keelson!

A Frame Roof in Place

She Doesn't Fit in the Box!

It would be great if we could just pop Silvery Light into a container for the Winter.    As the photo shows, we tried but she does not fit!!!!!!

Help Required!

6. Sep, 2015

Funding Source Researcher Urgently Required!

As is inevitably the case, the project is in need of funds. The sum required to complete Phase One is estimated to be £4000. Can you help through researching potential funding bodies, maybe organising a Just Giving Page or just helpful ideas! all from your own computer at home. Your assistance and help in securing the future for Silvery Light will be most welcome. Please get in touch of you can help in any way. All contributions, big or small gratefully accepted. Thank you