18. Feb, 2015

Funding Application Made

    The first round of the Hertiage Lottery funding application has been completed with the submission of a bid for a 'Start Up Grant' of £10,000.    This money is earmarked to cover the costs of lifting Silvery Light out of the water in order that a 100% conditon survey can be undertaken.

With the results of the survey in hand, the conservation work and repairs required can be identified and incorporated into a schedule of works.    

It is planned for the lift out to take place in late March (grant allowing).

We are grateful to Newry & Mourne District Council for granting permission for the use of a suitable site in the Albert Basin to carry out the work.

Considerable work will have to be undertaken in advance of the actual lift out to reduce the overall vessel weight.    Works such as ballast,fuel & water  tanks, masts, anchors/chain and general gear removal.    Work party volunteer help  will be much appreciated when the time comes!

Watch this space