31. May, 2015


Over the past weeks a considerable amount of work has been undertaken to prepare Silvery Light to be lifted ashore for survey.  Most of the interior furniture and fittings such as the galley, stove, ancient hot water cylinder, heads, forward bunks and cupboards, flooring, saloon table etc, have been removed or prepared for lifting out. 

An unexpected problem arose with the calculation of the overall weight of the vessel.   Prior to the eventual tracking down of her stability booklet, weight was very much the subject of a 'guesstimate' at around 40 - 50 tonnes.    Quite a shock to find her light ship weight noted as being 76 tonnes particulary as this means a much larger crane (350 ton capacity) is required to lift her from the water.  As a result the hire of the crane increases by more than double the original forecast.   

On inspection of the now more accesible interior it can be clearly seen where the weight comes from as she has a double interior skin (ceiling) from stem to stern of 2 1/4 inch thickness planking!   Almost a hull withing a hull!    Her frames are spaced in places at less than 6inches apart!

We have loosened off the rigging ready to lift the masts out.  It is intended to hire a smaller local crane to do this whilst she is afloat and together with ballast, old tanks and other heavy items the overall weight will hopefull reduce to around 60 - 65 tonnes.   (This helps with the cost of the crane hire!)

Two 40 ft shipping contaners have been secured to provide a shore working and storage facility.   Eventually a small working compound will surround Silvery Light ashore providing security and weather protection.

Work is proceeding....     Come and help if you can......    or drop by again soon.