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A Sail Training Voyage can be  a life changing experience. It is a  challenging and fun way to develop self-confidence. It provides a  structured,  secure, challenging  environment with defined boundaries and a clear common purpose. Sail training teaches young people life skills to improve their employment prospects and broaden their horizons.  This includes learning teamwork & communication skills, decision making & planning skills, learning about resilience and respect as well as developing self-confidence, in a fun, adventurous and enjoyable setting.

Young people, perhaps  for the first time from away from their home environment, learn to manage themselves, discover abilities, get to know and interact with others, dramatically boosting their self-awareness and confidence.

There are no short cuts or contrived situations on a Sail Training voyage. Trainees  really do need to work together to develop friendships, practice teamwork and  leadership skills in a spirit of mutual respect and community

The aim is not to produce sailors but more rounded individuals able to work in a team and discover their potential. For some this can be a be a major challenge, not just to sail the boat but to cook and clean as well!



Working and living on board  a sailing ship means there is plenty to learn and do. It is challenging but rewarding work.    From the excitement of steering a large and powerful ship under full sail, learning about navigation, raising the sails, standing watch under the stars at night or preparing a meal for ten hungry crew mates, it will all be a new adventure.


Going to sea on a residential can for some be a daunting prospect. To prepare for their adventure, our experienced team will meet the young people in advance to answer questions about what to expect, the kit they need to bring with them,  how the ship works, what they will be expected to do and how to get the best from their voyage.


Our Tall Ship is  fully licensed by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to operate in UK and Irish waters.   The vessel carries public liability insurance and a full range of safety equipment and personal life jackets etc.

The Skipper and crew are professionally qualified and experienced sailors