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Unlike mainland UK where there are numerous traditional working sailing ships,  there are no examples of such in Northern Ireland


Wouldn't it be fantastic to see and enjoy a locally crewed and operated Tall Ship as a regular visitor to local coastal communities,  engaging youth in adventure sailing, as a  platform for local maritime history events and presentations, a focus for the revival  of traditional sailing and boatbuilding skills,  a tourist draw and a star attraction in local ports  at maritime festivals and community events.


With your support, everything is possible.  We invite and welcome you to join us.


If you would like to support the Silvery Light Project, there are several ways you can do so.


Volunteering:     If you have Administrative,  fundraising, IT skills or some                                     free time and  would like  to help in whatever way.

                            Do you  have  electrical, mechanical,  woodworking,                                           metalworking skills that you can teach to others.

                            Would you like to become a member of  a volunteer sailing                               crew.

                            Why not consider lending a helping hand.


Like and Share: It would really help if you could share and subscribe to our                              Facebook page  and YouTube Channel.  Tell your friends                                  and colleagues about the project. The wider an audience                                  we reach, the better the opportunity to attract funding.


Donate:               woodworking machinery, tools or materials that you may no                              longer have use for. 


Sponsorship:     Can  you sponsor a specific part of the restoration.  new                                     sails, some hull planks, a power tool or a berth for a trainee. 

                            Contact us to discuss how we could help your business


 Paypal:             Donate securely and directly via Paypal.







Please include your contact details  so that we can say thank you and let you know where your money was spent.


         Thank you for supporting the restoration of this  historic vessel

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